Acrylic Paintings on Canvas

Acrylic Paintings on Canvas

Acrylic paint on canvas is now finding its way into collections of art appreciators all across the world.  Many famed collections of assembled works of various artists now contain more than 50% of works painted using acrylic.  As more artists move from the days of oil and watercolors to the future of acrylic, more collections will contain a higher concentration of these works.

Artists that have been trained in the classical techniques are now applying their studies to the canvas with acrylics.  As the new medium of choice for the avant garde painters of today, acrylic paints are quickly taking the lead as the predominant choice for painting on canvas, paper, or any of the several materials that can hold the acrylic. 

These works can now be painted faster than ever because of how fast they dry. High quality acrylic on canvas is the choice for the masters of modern painting. The true excellence of this paint is its ability to mesh well with any other type of material.  Artists are able to mix it with anything from sawdust to metals to make new hues and incredible new textures.

Many other famous painters of our day are creating modern masterpieces. One such artist in Boston, Massachusetts, Veny is making quite a name for herself in the art world. Her mixture of styles based on her years of classical study of the masters along with her days spent in France and Italy, have given her the ability to create anything that she sees in high quality acrylic paintings.

The master works that are being created by Veny are being sought after by many collectors across the globe.  Every brushstroke is an intense feeling of emotion and beauty.  Veny, having dedicated her life to the fine arts, shows her success in the pursuit of excellence in artistry in every painting that she creates.

Adding acrylic art to a collection of fine artworks combines the old and the new masters in a comprehensive and attractive way.  As expert artists such as Veny appear on the art scene, they will continue to bring art to life with acrylic painting.  The value of these works is ever increasing and many artists are having their entire collections purchased by shrewd art investors.  This monopoly of talent makes finding works by Veny a real opportunity for those that wish to create a legacy of art appreciation with true value for their family.

There are new collections being made everyday and new collectors from all walks of life.  Those that may have originally just purchased a painting to decorate their home now want to add more of these works to their collections.  Acrylic paint on canvas is becoming the next wave of fine arts to appear in homes and offices across the world.  As more of this work is made available to the world, the closer the people of the world will be able to get.  Art has a way of knocking down barriers of difference and bringing peace and understanding to so many people.

Every picture is worth a thousand words, because each painting not only tells the story of its creation; the story of the subject, but also the story of the artist that created it. Blended in the fine acrylic paints of Veny’s canvases are her lifetime of experiences including her early beginnings in Eastern Europe. Veny was born in Bulgaria in 1970. Growing up in the beautiful city of Sofia, Veny was no stranger to the arts and creativity, as her immediate family was comprised of a professional photographer, a building engineer and her grandfather George, a self tough oil painter, who worked as a humor and satire writer.

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