Characteristics of a Fine Art Photographer

Characteristics of a Fine Art Photographer

When a photographer creates a photograph that matches the original illustration of the artist, successfully telling the story the artist wanted to put in the picture, the photograph is considered fine art. Fine art doesn’t have to follow the rules-it has to be enjoyed by the viewers. I believe it should reflect the emotions, feeling and the beauty of that moment.

Want to be a fine art photographer?

Art photography is a specialty and it requires a lot of skill, enthusiasm and an understanding of art, image, sculptures, natural world etc. There are some levels of talent and ability that you need to know in order to become an excellent fine art photographer. Some of them are: Develop Your Imagination:

One of the skills that one can develop is the ability of pre-visualizing photographs. Create an image in mind before going out to take pictures; imagine yourself taking pictures, see the resulting pictures etc. Thinking of poses and photos in advance makes you feel more confident. Pre-visualization gives you direction. Fine art Photography is an art of imagination.

Continually Make Pictures: The most important thing you can do with your camera is use it. You can develop your skill as a fine art photographer by clicking pictures every day, otherwise, you will lose your skills and ability. To have the satisfaction of doing good work, and to be a fine art photographer, you have to frequently make pictures! Light,

Subject and Composition: A great picture has great lighting, great composition and a great subject. I think photo as a triangle. Each element is important. If one part is missing, then photo is lessened. If photo of a dull subject is composed beautifully then it can never be as fine as a photo with an interesting subject which is composed effectively.

See things differently and be different: Most of us survive our lives viewing the same point of view A good photographer is one who doesn’t do different things; he/she just do things in a different way. So, try and be different in everything you do. Know the rules, but also set out to break them. Stay away from tedious angles, subjects and backgrounds. Just be different!

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