Contemporary Abstract Paintings and Arts

Contemporary Abstract Paintings and Arts

Contemporary abstract artist Judy Hintz Cox has been exploring her own style of original abstract paintings for over thirty years. By experimenting with various uncommon media, such as epoxy resin and encaustic wax, Judy’s abstract paintings push the envelope of contemporary abstract art. As an artist, Judy’s boundless energy and minimalist sensibilities come through in a variety of her original abstract paintings, and one look at the expressive textures of her white encaustic series, the vibrant colors of her epoxy resin paintings, or the subdued tones of her abstract ochre series, is enough to be transported emotionally and spiritually in a way that only the finest of contemporary abstract art can achieve.

Judy derives inspiration from many sources, and the rich and contrasting qualities of black and white photography inform some of her most celebrated contemporary abstract painting. Judy’s abstract black and white paintings eschew the vibrant coloration of some of her other work, such as her epoxy resin paintings, in favor of boldly contrasting lines and energetic brush work. The feverish, often aggressive composition of these abstract black and white paintings excites, energizes, and challenges viewers to examine themselves — and reexamine their expectations of contemporary abstract painting.  

Judy is known the world over for her contemporary abstract paintings, and in particular for her original abstract series that explore particular themes, techniques, and approaches to abstract painting. Judy’s epoxy resin paintings, for example, use the difficult and dangerous substance of epoxy resin to achieve startling levels of translucency and vibrant color enhancement that distinguish these highly original abstract paintings from much else in the world of contemporary abstract art. Such originality and experimentation with new techniques is a hallmark of Judy’s, whether seen in the eloquent topography of her white encaustic series, the more conventionally contemporary painting of her abstract ochre series, or the boundary-pushing freneticism of her abstract black and white paintings.

For over thirty years Judy Hintz Cox has explored her unique artistic vision through a variety of media, and her boundless energy and minimalist sensibilities come through in every painting. Never satisfied with any one particular style or approach, Judy’s work delves into territories of theme and technique that combine a searching, restless variety with a cohesive aesthetic unique to her. It is in the quality of line and texture that Judy is most expressive, whether that be seen in the careful irregularities of her encaustic wax series, the weighty translucency of her work with epoxy resin, the brazen freneticism of her black and white abstracts, or the serendipitous juxtapositions of material and composition of her mixed media work.

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