Custom Oil Painting

Custom Oil Painting

Today you can customize your own painting right form your own computer without even having to see an artist, all you have to do literally is keep in touch via e-mail (no phone calls necessary) to relay specifications. Send your photo in via e-mail as well, or upload it directly on the site to turn your photo into a custom oil painting.

My experience was great! They first of all edit the photo to my requirements which I can give instructions to make adjustments, then on my approval, the final edit is sent to a professional artist to be painted.

I was looking online for quite some time for the right company as I was a bit apprehensive about the system as it was my first time ordering a custom oil painting over the internet. Traditionally you would obviously visit an artists studio in person to sit for a session or two or three and see step by step how you are going to turn out and, of course, have your own input and influence there and then in real time.

Now I have been through both of the processes I can say first hand that it is a much easier time and a better experience to be able to order a custom oil portrait from home rather than having to go somewhere and pose for hours on end. And a big plus for me is you don’t have to have any time off work or adjust your schedule at all to achieve the same if not better results.

There are many companies online and it is hard to choose from as there is not much difference in quality from what is displayed on their website, so how do you choose? First I checked their testimonial pages and also went on every forum to see if there was any bad press from the one’s I was researching and I found quite a few comments for pretty much all of the above except a certain few in the quite obscure, not first pagers but ‘diamonds in the rough’, so to speak.

I had narrowed my search down to two. All that was left to do was give them a call and when I did I found one of them to have the best customer service over the phone, which was the most helpful and informative, so I went with them.

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