Designing with Acrylic

Designing with Acrylic

Whilst acrylic itself may not be particularly flexible, the range of tasks acrylic domes can be used for is wide and varied. With materials technology advancing at the pace it is, the number of things we can do with just acrylic has grown immensely. An acrylic dome can be used for security camera covers, shop window displays, covers for flower arrangements and sculptures, and aquariums.

Whilst acrylic domes are a simple structure and shape, they are extremely strong and are used by a wide variety of companies in myriad industries for various uses. Their unique properties make them ideally suited for a variety of different roles, especially aquariums. As the material is clear, it can be used for displays that require visibility. There are many companies that produce acrylic domes, but there are some that are using the material for much more creative uses.

As one of the largest producers of acrylic domes in Europe, Talbot Designs have provided custom made acrylic domes to suit almost all applications. Their unique service has been recognised by many businesses around the world which has seen them produce pharmaceutical wall displays using eye catching colours and light, an acrylic water centrifuge which allowed for the customer in question to produce an interactive water centrifuge; and even large scale acrylic domes and dishes to create unique, one of a kind exhibition sets for a pharmaceutical company. In short, Talbot Designs are able to take the impossible and make it possible, using acrylic in a way which may seem unfeasible to many.

All domes are made to order, taking in each requirement each individual customer. With up to 27 different sizes, these domes are not bulk made but made to order ensuring that each dome is truly one of a kind. With this innovative way of using acrylic, it’s no wonder that Talbot’s designs have been seen all over the world.

With advances in material technology being used in this innovative way by this company, it is exciting to see just how far they can do in terms of innovative designs and manufacturing as we welcome in new technologies every single day.

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