Finding Good Modern Abstract Art Online

Finding Good Modern Abstract Art Online

The Internet has emancipated a lot of previously institutionalised items – including modern abstract art, which used to be strictly the province of the gallery and the gallery owner. Since cyberspace really opened up, people have been able to source their art directly, allowing their own tastes to play as much of a role as their wallets do in defining what goes on their walls. So far so good: but then how does one make sure that one is going to a good location for one’s art when on no longer has the “guarantee” of an art gallery dealer? In other words – now that anything can be sold as art, how much of that stuff is worth buying as art: and where do you find it?

There’s a fortunately basic answer here: go where the reputation is. Sites that develop good reputations for supplying quality modern abstract art (like Britain’s own Art2Arts, a site devoted to supplying original art in all painted formats) do so for a reason. And, of course, sites that sell art rise or fall on their reputations: so you can be sure that anything that looks as good as it sounds is probably a safe place to start looking.

Beyond that, and overall, of course, one’s final judgement should rest squarely with the art available. If you want some abstract art, go looking – and when you find something you like at a price you can afford, well, then you’ve found what you need. It is here, of course, that most of the worry concerned with buying modern abstract art, or any art, online or off, is seated. The question most people inevitably ask themselves when they start buying anything other than reproduction art (which has, in a strange way, already been “voted” good by the very fact of its reproduction), is this: am I paying the right amount of money for it? Well, here’s a thought for all those people: if you like it, and you want it, and you can afford it: then surely that’s enough? Good abstract art is whatever abstract art you as an individual find affecting, or joyful, or simply beautiful – and the right price for it is the price you are willing to pay.

The Internet has made a great stride on the behalf of all art here. Art is valued now according to what people will pay for it, rather than what a small coterie of gallery owners insist they ought to pay for it. A good place to find modern abstract art, then, is simply the Internet as a whole. Wherever the pieces you like, personally, reside, at a price you are willing to pay for them: that’s where to go. And with the whole of the web at your virtual feet, there’s a big hunting ground to go looking in.

That said, of course, a little guidance is always useful: and so, for starters, one would suggest you look in places where the art is clearly pictured and there are obvious guarantees regarding supply and return. No thumbnail can do full justice to a piece of modern abstract art, so you need to find a place that offers a satisfaction or money back guarantee. Though Internet trading laws pretty much mean that you can return anything you don’t like when it turns up anyway – so we’re back to our original conclusion. Find the art on the Internet – and if the price is right, go for it.

The uniquely non-representational nature of modern abstract art allows an interior designer to incorporate it into a room’s design much more thoroughly than a “normal” painting.

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