How to Buy Fine Art Paintings

How to Buy Fine Art Paintings

With art festivals in full swing during the spring, summer and fall seasons, it’s a good time to discuss how to buy fine art paintings. Does not knowing what to look for in a painting cause you to walk away because you do not know the questions to ask the artist?

The following information will enable yo to be an informed collector:

If you go to any fine art festival there will be many different styles of paintings to choose from. Ask the artist if the painting has been produced with archival materials. When did the artist paint this picture?

Do you know the style of painting that speaks to you? It may be a romantic style, abstract or any where in between. The colors may be muted and soft or a bright composition, with the artist using many colors to create the design.

Consider how your home or office is decorated. Will you need to use heavy, ornate frames or a more informal wood frame?

Oil paintings lend themselves very nicely to either the ornate or wood frame. For a watercolor painting, choose a light, narrow frame. It can be ornate but narrow. Personally, I like a metal frame with watercolor. There are many beautiful colors that coordinate with the painting.

Oil paintings may be painted on canvas, linen or boards prepared especially for oil paintings. Ask the artist how the ground for this painting was prepared.

Watercolor paintings may be on hot press paper or cold press paper. The paper weight is important also. It can range from 90lbs to 300lb or more. A popular weight is 140lb.

A question to ask the artist is how environmentally friendly are the materials used in the painting.

You may fall in love with a painting that is not oils or watercolor. It may be a pastel, or other medium that needs to be framed in a special way.

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