Modern Art

Modern Art
Modern art is something that many people do not understand. There are many a contemporary oil painting that features modern art that could find places in our homes, but the majority will choose landscape oil paintings rather than the more contemporary oil painting. This is because a lot of people don’t really understand modern art and will look at it as just a series of shapes or colours that don’t ‘look like’ anything, and which they could recreate using their current art abilities. However this is a big injustice and it really misses the point of modern art.

The idea behind landscape oil paintings or oil paintings of objects or subjects is to look like that thing. With impressionism it is to ‘suggest’ that image with less detail. However in either case, the painting is very simply of something that the artist has seen. This does not really take that much imagination arguably and for fans of modern art it can seem almost bland to just recreate something that is already there.

With modern art and many contemporary oil paintings, the idea is to paint something that isn’t there, and that you can’t see. Here shapes, lines, splashes of paint, or sometimes ‘proper’ likenesses of objects – are used to convey an emotion or a feeling. Often the purpose of modern art is not straight away apparent to the viewer and in this sense it can be something of a challenge to them to try and work out what it is that the artist was trying to convey. In some cases the modern art will be ‘open to interpretation’ and this way the viewer can project their own ideas onto the canvas this way making the painting almost collaborative. As they convey emotion or ideas, then they can evoke a far more emotional reaction than just a landscape and can be thought provoking, uplifting – even sometimes disturbing.

The great thing about this then is that it makes you think – you look at it and you have to decide what it says and what statement it’s making. At the same time some of the modern art that you find on display involves incredible imagination – combining images and ideas, even different styles of painting that you would not have elsewhere. If you have a painting of some fruit on your wall, then people won’t notice it. However if you have a painting of modern art then this will attract attention and probably start a conversation.

With a piece of modern art the artist is not restrained by conventions and can create anything that they can imagine. At the same time modern art is creating something that doesn’t have a ‘purpose’ as such, and when you think that all of the purposes we construct in our lives these too are only really arbitrary and in that sense modern art is mimicking life and just having fun creating things for the sake of it rather than with the intention to resemble something real In this way then modern art in a contemporary oil painting is very raw and real art that is both fascinating and evocative. For something a bit different then, consider modern at.

Modern art can look great in most homes. For contemporary oil painting as well as other exciting imagery from emerging artists, follow the links.

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