Oil Painting Tutorial: Learn Oil Painting For Beginners

Oil Painting Tutorial: Learn Oil Painting For Beginners
As an exciting and awarding hobby, oil painting is a great way of expressing your feelings about the world around you. With the help of a brush, colors and a canvas it is possible to experience a great satisfaction once artistic creativity is achieved by the combination of observation and feelings.

Artist Delmus Phelps has prepared a wonderful oil painting instructions eBook for people who wants to learn how to oil paint in a step by step manner. In this work it is possible to capture the joy of painting by creating real art work with ease.

This work is called Real Art Lessons which is available both in eBook and DVD format. You can also get the video information on this amazing eBook and DVD in his website called easy oil painting techniques.

Learn 400 Years Old Oil Painting Technique
With the help of this oil painting technique it is easy to create photo-realistic paintings in a very short time. He achieved hundreds of sales on eBay with the arts he has created with this technique. Now he teaches his secrets to you.

Once you see some of this art work created with this technique in his website, you will appreciate the quality of his art. General oil painting lessons are not explaining such oil painting techniques.

Oil Painting Tips To Help You Oil Paint
No matter if you have taken any oil painting classes before or not, you can start painting using this technique easily. It does not only teach you how to create a painting.

This oil painting lesson, will give you all the tips to free your mind from how tos and concentrate on the joy and beauty of the painting you are creating. You can take this oil painting course if you are a beginner or experienced artist. For the beginners there are explanations about step by step oil painting basics, and how to do oil painting.

Learn To Oil Paint Step By Step
Inside this oil painting book which can be downloaded to any computer, you will get 140 pages of information and 225 photos. It is a complete oil painting how to eBook pdf guide which includes the following oil painting tutorials:

How to place your objects, lighting and composition.
How to prepare the canvas step by step
How to transfer the drawing to the canvas
Up-close, the umber under-layer, and how it is done.
The steps to finish the umber under layer
How to mix your paints
How to make the gray layer and why
Closeups of brush strokes and how to apply the paint
All details to make your paintings stand out
Photos and explanations

Free Books For Better Oil Paint Techniques
How to oil painting techniques for beginners lessons online comes with free powerful books which will help you produce better results:

Drawing and Anatomy eBook by Victor Perard: is over 165 pages of skeleton, skulls, muscle, human motion drawing to help you improve your drawing skills.
Composition eBook by Arthur Wesley Dow: will help you to understand the importance of the harmony and composition for the best painting skills.

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