Oil Painting – What You Must Know About Oil Painting Support

Oil Painting – What You Must Know About Oil Painting Support

If you are starting off with the art, then it is essential for you to understand the oil painting support, which is simply the basic surface on which the painting has to be applied. There are many painting surfaces available for use. You can use anything applicable that ranges from woods, and canvas, to metal. Here are some common options that can be used as oil painting support.

Linen: This is generally made from the fine quality fibers of a flax plant. These fibers of the flax are outstanding to be used as a hard and lasting painting used. The plants are usually harvested and then soaked in water and left out in open so that the fiber separates out. These fibers are further processed into making yarns and threads that can be used as natural fiber for the canvas.

Cotton: Beginners can start by using cotton canvas. This is recommended to use because as compared to other canvases, it is a much strong and cost effective material. It consists of an automatic and even weave. If you are concerned about the hardness of cotton then you can use a cotton canvas of heavy grade and attempt to stretch it yourself. The cotton canvas is easily obtainable in different forms such as ready or without undercoating, rolls, or stretched.

Canvas pads: Those who wish to do painting but have budget constraints can use canvas pads. These pads come in dissimilar sizes and shapes. The canvas pads are hugely used while learning this art of painting. However, you must ensure that you get a heavy weight canvas pad that has the capacity to hold the oil paints.

Wood panels: This is the most convenient form of oil painting support used. It can either be made of oak or poplar. In this case, the canvas is coated with a reliable base that is made of animal skin glue and chalk.

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